Thursday, August 4, 2016

Value-added Book Signings

While participating in a book signing a few months ago, another author and I discussed the importance of authors providing some value to book signings at stores, libraries, readers groups, civic organizations and other places.

And that value involves giving back to those who invite you to sign books.

Among the ways:

  • Participate in a panel discussion that relates to your book. 
  • Discuss your writing process.
  • Take part in readings.
  • Give a presentation about your book and invite questions from readers.
  • Talk about the craft, such as research, point-of-view, writing descriptions, developing characters, etc.
  • Discuss the reasons why you wrote your book.
  • Take part in a writing workshop.
  • Develop multiple presentations to address different grade levels when invited to a school.
  • Talk about the business side of writing, such as marketing, promotion, agents and publishing houses.
  • If self-published, talk about how it differs from traditional publishing.
  • If you're an illustrator or writer of picture books, discuss the process of illustrating a book (and perhaps provide a few signed samples as part of a giveaway). 
Before the book signing, work with the host or group to promote the event. That entails social media, assisting with a news release, and making yourself available for interviews with local media.

And when it's over with, don't forget to send a thank-you note for allowing you the privilege to sign books at their venue (and let them know you're available for return visits).

Do you have any suggestions to offer?

Until the next time....

P.S. -- I can be contacted off my personal web page for book signings and author-related appearances. A good resource in the U.S. for locating authors is Authors for Libraries, which shows authors living  close to zip codes who are willing to speak to groups.