Sunday, December 31, 2017

End of Year Thoughts

It wasn't the best year in terms of writing and reaching creative goals.

I did have a novel published, "Darkness Beyond the Light," on Nov. 1, which was the highlight. I'm pleased with the story and the  feedback from reviewers and readers. 

As anyone who has been published knows, there's a lot that goes into the final product. That kept me busy for about six months—rewrites, edits, book cover, and other matters involved in publishing a novel. 

But I didn't reach my goals in publishing another short-story collection, a second volume to "Laments." That's something I'll try to address in 2018.

I also didn't write as many posts to this blog as I wanted because of life events that got in the way. Some would say that's not a good excuse, but I counter that it depends on what those events are. I feel my reasons are understandable—and I'm not one to disclose all things that impact my life. Some things are private matters.

That being said, I do intend to be more productive in the new year. That's my intention. But only time will tell. Sometimes life takes turns that sidetrack even the best intentions.

Until the next time. . . . 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Goodreads Giveaway

Thanks to all the 419 readers who participated in the Goodreads giveaway for my latest novel, Darkness Beyond the Light.

I mailed books the day after Christmas to Meredith in Florida, Robert in California, Jennifer in Missouri, Toya in Tennessee, and Ronald in Utah.

During an promotion that prompted 145 requests in November, I awarded five ebooks to Diane, Tammy, Stephanie, Michelle, and Jennifer (states not revealed). 

While there are no strings attached to a giveaway, I do hope the recipients will take a few minutes to rate and review the novel in Goodreads, Amazon, or some other website(s). 

Indie authors need all the support they can get from readers and fellow authors. I do hope that every time you read a book, you'll show your appreciation with a review and/or rating. I do that with every book I read, even those I don't particularly like. Any review/rating is better than no review/rating.

Needless to say, the biggest boost you can give to all authors is to purchase books. And I thank every one of you who made a financial stake in buying my books and investing your precious time in reading them. 

If you're short on funds, I recommend you ask your library to purchase the books you want to read. And that's not just the ones I've authored. You have your favorite authors so show them some support (and love). Libraries have budgets to purchase books, and your tax dollars support them.

Until the next time. . . .  

Monday, December 25, 2017

Happy Holidays

A quick note to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Like every year, 2017 has had its up and downs and a few things all around. That's what life is all about. You simply try to adapt and adjust to the situations confronting you and try to make the best of them, if possible.

Maybe 2018 will have more ups than downs. At least some days when life is at an even keel. I must confess, that at my age, deaths to family members and friends throw me for a loop. My guess that most people feel the same way, and perhaps regardless of age.

I certainly hope that all the writers out there keep the muse in their lives as they venture into uncharted territory. I've always believed writing was an adventure and the rewards came during the process that also involves thoughts being transformed into words.   

And I hope readers find entertaining and edifying books to satisfy their emotional and intellectual needs. I always want to gain something after investing time in this worthwhile pursuit. Furthermore, that's one of the things I try to deliver as an author.  Time is a precious commodity that I don't take lightly.

Until the next time. . . .

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Opioid Epidemic in U.S.

The opioid problem in the United States has reached epidemic proportions, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The CDC reports that since 1999, deaths involving the use of opioids, including prescription drugs and heroin, has quadrupled. Figures reveal that more than 500,000 have died from overdoses since 2000. Ninety-one die each day from this scourge that has spread across America, filtering into all economic classes.

Every day when I pick up my daily newspaper, the State Journal in Frankfort, Ky., I read about drug arrests and overdoses, sometimes covering nearly a page in court news. Check out this story from last June about the increase in opioid deaths. Frankfort is the state capital, the fourth smallest in the nation with a population of about 28,000.

The CDC also notes that each day more than 1,000 people are treated in emergency departments nationally for misusing prescription opioids.

Kentucky has addressed the problem with legislative initiatives to curtail the abuse of opioids and use of heroin in recent years. The state Office of Drug Control Policy reports that more than 1,000 Kentuckians die each year from overdoses. Furthermore, Kentucky ranks in the top three, along with New Hampshire and West Virginia in opioid deaths.

My latest novel, "Darkness Beyond the Light," concerns drug addiction as it affects a family. I hope it brings more attention, more discussion, and more action to the problem as an increasing number of people are touched by this deadly disease.

To learn more about opioids and other drugs, read the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration's fact sheets

Until the next time. . . .