Tuesday, August 21, 2018

WIP Update: 4th Rewrite

I completed the fourth rewrite of my work in progress yesterday. As with the other rewrites, I'm going to sit on it for a few days before delving back into it with semi-fresh eyes.

For those who haven't been following this thread of posts (shame on you!), I'm working on the third book in the John Ross Boomer Lit series. The first two are "Old Ways and New Days" and "Darkness Beyond the Light." I've already written the first draft to the fourth book, but that's for another post. And I know where I'm going with the fifth. 

The word count has increased, from about 37k in the first draft to more than 52k. It'll probably increase another 5k to 10k with the next rewrite.  This book will be somewhat shorter than the previous novels, something I'll discuss in a later post as well, probably after the publishing date has been determined as part of the promotion/marketing phase.

The manuscript will grow in the fifth rewrite because I added several characters to the story, and a few are begging for  more development and exposure. Several scenes require more research.  And there are still a few loose ends that need to be resolved to advance the story and series. 

No doubt I'll come across other parts that need attention, such as dialogue, backstory, and timelines. It can be a never-ending process. That's why there comes a point when you have to let it go and involve others to gain critical feedback.

It's still my goal to have the manuscript completed and sent to my editor by the end of the month. If I'm not satisfied after the next round of rewrite and revision, I'll do a sixth...seventh...eighth...however many it takes to have it have it ready for her discriminating eyes.

Until the next time . . .

Thursday, August 9, 2018

What Are Boomer Lit Novels?

My last two novels belong to a genre referred to as Boomer Lit. I wasn't aware of the label until I stumbled across the term while surfing the Internet for tag lines for my books—"Old Ways and New Days" and "Darkness Beyond the Light"—now part of the John Ross Boomer Lit series.

In a sense, Boomer Lit is a continuation of the young adult novels that sprang up in the 1960s, such as "The Outsiders." You might include "Catcher in the Rye," since it was almost required reading for boomers when they were teens. 

Those readers have grown up and many want to read about their contemporaries, who now range in age from 54 to 72. By the way, as you have probably guessed, I'm in that group. 

Those born in the United States between Jan. 1, 1946 and Dec. 31, 1964, are referred to as baby boomers. After the war years, there was an increase in the number of births during that period. My "Greatest Generation" parents produced five boomers.

According to statistics released a few years ago, that number reached about 76 million. A recent figure has it at about 65 million, meaning the generation is aging and dying.  

Except for two young-adult novels, my other novels have focused on middle-age adults dealing with life's trials and tribulations. They were boomer lit before boomer lit became a label. Reminds me of the Barbara Mandrell song, "I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool," if you know what I mean. 

Wikipedia defines boomer lit as "any genre that features mature characters, in contemporary settings, addressing any aspects of today's world."

I'm sure many of the novels offered by Wings, especially the romances, contain elements of Boomer Lit if the protagonist is a boomer. Check out the many titles by clicking here

For those interested in Boomer Lit, check out these sites:

I'm currently rewriting the third book in the John Ross Boomer Lit series. We'll let you know when it's released.

Until the next time . . .