Saturday, December 21, 2019

Slow Progress on New Novel

I have to admit that progress on my latest novel has been painfully slow. 

This novel is the fourth book in the John Ross Boomer Lit series. It's been percolating in my computer for several months. 

I have excuses. Don't most, if not all, writers have excuses when they're dragging their feet on manuscripts and projects? 

Here are a few of mine:

  • The holiday season that runs from Thanksgiving (Nov. 28) through New Year's Day. 
  • The impeachment hearings that has dominated the news for more than a month. Regardless of which side of the political spectrum you lean, I think it's important as an American citizen to stay informed. I'm glad we have a holiday break from it all.
  • Several days I had flu-like symptoms that kept me from working. I don't concentrate well when under the weather. 
  • I've discovered that I can't stay focused on my work for more than several hours when I'm not under the weather. My eyes get tired from staring at the screen. That necessitates lying down and resting my eyes for an hour or so.
  • I get mentally exhausted from reading and rewriting, much sooner than I did as a younger man. And that also necessitates lying down for a short nap for an hour or so.
  • I get distracted by other activities going on in my life. I'm not the multi-tasker I used to be in my younger days.  
However, my goal is to complete this second rewrite by the end of the year (2019, that is). And I want to finish revisions and send the manuscript off to my Wings ePress editor by the end of January so it will be published in 2020. That's my plan and I intend to stick to it! 

When finished with that goal, I want to begin work on the fifth book in the John Ross Boomer Lit series. Only time will tell.

Until the next time . . .