I know I’m getting older -- aren’t we all? – but sometimes it seems to be accelerating a bit more as the years pass by.

If you’re around old-timers, and I resemble that remark, you’ll often hear them say that time seem to go much more quickly as you age. I know time is still moving at the same pace as it was years ago, but as you grow older, you realize that your time is running out. The hourglass is more empty than full.

Just the other day, while working at the Kentucky State Fair, I had planned to attend an oldies concert featuring The Turtles, The Grass Roots, The Buckinghams, Gary Puckett, and Mickey Dolenz. I suppose that kinda shows my age as well.

After my shift, I walked over to the concert venue, Cardinal Stadium, and sat down in the stands for about ten minutes. While sitting there, I realized the concert would last about two hours, then it would  take me about an hour to walk to my car and leave the congested fairgrounds parking lot, and then it would take another hour or so to drive home. It would probably be past midnight by the time I got home. And I had to be at work the next morning.

So I got up and left, made it home shortly after 9 a.m., took my dog, Baxter, out for few minutes to do his thing, then headed off to bed for a decent night’s sleep, or until Baxter was ready to be taken out again at daybreak.

Last year I stayed for concert. And I remembered how tired I was the next day.  So this year sleep was more music to my ears than a concert. Yep, I'm getting older in more ways than one.