Monday, September 17, 2012

Making Contact

While promotion and marketing a book on the Internet is essential, I believe a mix with traditional media is important for success in sales.

You might not hit a home run but you could get extra bases when you connect in the right places.

I’ve used social media to get the word out about my books. I’ve sent emails (no spamming), blogged, and become involved in an assortment of networks such as
Linkedin, Goodreads, Shelfari and Manic Readers. You can find my works in places like, B&,,, and

I recently participated in a giveaway for my latest book, “Laments,“ at Goodreads. It attracted 412 entries for the three copies. You might go there and sign up for drawings conducted by other authors. Be sure and “friend” me while you’re there.

With all of my novels I have mailed postcards to notify libraries, bookstores, friends, and family. One reason is that folks don’t always see what you’ve posted on the Internet. There may have been times when an email went to a junk-mail filter (ouch, that hurts!) and was inadvertently deleted (of course!). Believe it or not, some folks don’t use a computer. And, if they do, there's a chance they may not go to the same websites where you shout to the world about your book. Timing is important.

For "Shooting Star", which was published in 2011, I advertised in the Kentucky Book Fair catalog because it went to great audiences -- readers and libraries.

I also purchase book marks that I hand out at signings, book fairs, and other functions. They include my website and other places where they can purchase the book. When people purchase books directly from me, I always include a book mark.

I believe it’s best to cover as many bases as possible, especially if you want to be a consistent hitter as an author.

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  1. Sounds like a good plan of attack. Thanks for the great advice. :)