Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Write Resolutions

It's hard to believe we're already into a new year.
I was able to realize a few writing goals in 2012, such as publishing my short-story collection, "Laments," completing the National Novel Writing Month challenge, and producing blog posts on a somewhat regular basis.
Now it's time to move on. I'm not one to set many, if any, resolutions. As I've grown older, I've learned to move at my own pace and do what I can. I don't like setting unrealistic -- unreachable -- goals. And I believe I have good writing habits.
I think the primary goal for any writer is to write. And that's what I'll be doing on a daily basis. That's been something I've done for me for quite a long time. I guess it must be the journalist in me who cranked out news stories for many years.
I'm currently working on a second volume of short stories. If life doesn't interfere, I can generally write one a week. I hope to produce about 15 this time. If things work out, I'll publish "Laments 2," Laments II," "Laments Two," or whatever.
I also have my raw NaNoWriMo manuscript that I plan to rewrite after additional research. I still haven't looked at it since I saved the last draft on Nov. 30. I know there's a lot of work to do on it so perhaps that's my excuse for not getting back to it. But I will.
Lastly, I plan to read more this year. I downloaded Jon Olson's "The Ride Home" on Dec. 31 to get me started. I'd like to read three or four books a month -- fiction, nonfiction and poetry. Writers read.
What are your writing resolutions?
Until the next time…


  1. oh! it seems like you have a lot to do! wish you te very best :D
    i guess the only resolution i have is to keep on writing anything, but just to write :) happy new year :)

  2. Thank you, Elizabeth. You are on the right path -- to write anything. To keep writing is essential. But don't forget to read!