Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Great Bet for Winning Vacation

My wife and I spent the past five days vacationing in Las Vegas. The place was on our bucket list for several years so we finally made the trip.

Caesars Palace
Luxor Hotel and Casino
We didn't gamble but we still had an enjoyable time because there are so many things to do while there. We were impressed by the architecture and interior designs of all the themed hotels and casinos. Yes, a few were a bit gaudy, but most were lavish with no expense spared to attract guests. 

Ceiling in Caesars lobby
Harley-Davidson restaurant
 We're urban hikers so we enjoyed going from one place to the next during our sightseeing venture. There are many first-class restaurants, high-end shops such as Gucci, Tiffany and many more, and the standard, low-end tourist shops for people like me (wife not included)! 

Veronic -- the gal with 50 voices

We took in three shows -- "Jersey Boys," "Rock of Ages," and "Veronic" -- and highly recommend them all. On a side note, we also decided to rest our feet one afternoon and saw the movie, "Gravity" in 3D. Great special effects but weak storyline. 

New York New York Hotel and Casino

There were tourists from all over the world, making Vegas a truly cosmopolitan city. 

Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino
If there was a downside to our trip, it was a bus tour reserved two months ago to visit Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon that was effectively cancelled by our federal government. 

We may visit Las Vegas again after we see some other places on our list.  We were told that the light show on Freemont Street in old Vegas was interesting. 
Spring Mountains to the west of Las Vegas

Even if you don't gamble, Las Vegas is a great bet to have a wonderful time.

Until the next time....


  1. We had great fun on our last visit to LV. Sorry you didn't get to visit the dam. We were one of the last bunch that actually got to go inside and view the innards of the whole dam thing! We also do not gamble and did a tour of the desert, that was gorgeous! Question now is: Will you go again?

    1. It's definitely a place I would visit again. But there are other places I want to see before I reach the end of my journey. Time will tell.

  2. Its really so fun visiting such nice place. I am sure you had a wonderful trip.
    Liked all the photographs especially the one captioned "Luxor Hotel and Casino" the replica of Egyptian pyramid style :) so nice and interesting.
    Many greetings and best wishes!

    1. I agree, Kiran. I like visiting places and seeing new things. Las Vegas is certainly a different kind of place. I hope all is well with you.