Friday, April 4, 2014

Authors on the Air

While I love to read about writing, books and fellow authors, it's also nice to watch literary programs on TV and webcasts and listen on the radio.

One of my favorite programs is "Bookmark," which airs every Friday evening on RL TV.  The host is Daryn Kagan, a former anchor at CNN. The hour-long show features authors, books to films, reviews, and more and it moves along at an entertaining pace. 

One of the longest running programs is Book TV on C-SPAN. Brian Lamb and others provide in-depth interviews with authors of nonfiction books.

Another place for great author interviews and book reviews is National Public Radio. I'm on the mailing list (you can sign up on website) and receive updates on programs.

I live in Kentucky, where I can enjoy "One to One with Bill Goodman" on Kentucky Educational Television. The program, however, features more than authors. KET also had a show called "bookclub@KET," which featured discussions about books by Kentucky authors. The website has an archive of the programs.

One of the best Internet sites for books can be found at It has numerous programs that focus on all things relating to books.

And check out Blog Talk Radio, which also allows listeners to start their own program about books or whatever. 

If you have any favorites you'd like to recommend, please leave in the comments section. 

Until the next time...


  1. It is really informative post about literary contents and programs, that might be reviewed and discussed by different channels. I hope those lives in US would benefit from it.

    1. There are probably many more programs available on the Internet and TV. Even here in Frankfort, Ky., where I live, we have occasional programs on our Cable 10 station. Do you have similar programs where you live?

    2. Unfortunately No :( I haven't seen any such program on either cable tv nor on dish antenna, not only where i lives but in fact no where in Pakistan.
      Only lots of news channels ..... who all the time show bad news about country situation and very little positive :(