Sunday, May 11, 2014

Writing Reviews

One of the best ways to see your words in print is by writing reviews. 

I bet a lot of folks have written book and music reviews for websites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. And I'm sure, at least from my experience, that you get asked frequently by the aforementioned companies to write reviews and/or rate products after you've made a purchase.

I've written quite a few reviews for Amazon, and if you've read my blog and seen some of my Facebook posts, you know that I request reviews for my books and those of other authors. That's one of the important ways we get the word out about our works. I also write book reviews on Goodreads.

But there are many other places to express your opinions, and leave you eloquent prose,  such as retail establishments such as Wal-Mart and Overstock. I left a review on a panini press I bought at Walmart. I recently purchased some water filters for my refrigerator and was asked to leave a review about the product.

One of my favorite places for reviews is I generally check out places on towns I plan to visit to see what others recommend. I feel like I'm returning the favor by leaving reviews on the places where I visit.

While I don't get paid for the reviews, I feel like it's a service to other consumers. I especially enjoy reading book reviews since many newspapers (at least where I live)  have reduced the amount of column inches they devote to books (and the arts). 

Another reason I like to read reviews is that most of them are written by regular folks rather than hard-boiled critics. I'm not sure if Jeff Bezos, of Amazon, would agree with me but I believe one of the many reasons for the success of his company is allowing feedback (reviews) from his customers on the millions of products it offers.

Any places you recommend for reviews?

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