Monday, September 29, 2014

Riding the Rails -- Return to Vegas

The next leg of the vacation led to Las Vegas for two nights at the Tropicana Hotel.

Hoover Dam
On the way to Sin City, we drove by Hoover Dam, that marvel of construction from the 1930s. Because of security concerns, buses and trucks aren't allowed near the dam. So we got a view from our windows. It's still impressive from a distance.

I was in Vegas last October, and I must say, nothing much has changed along the main strip. Some of the shows that were playing on the first visit were still drawing crowds nearly a year later. 

There are still the folks dressed in various stages of clothing and costumes walking the streets, street musicians, and others handing out leaflets for special "adult" shows.

Our Vegas guide took us to the Bellagio and Venetian hotels to check out the lavish surroundings to lure guests, especially those who are high rollers.
Bellagio's chocolate machine

The Bellagio has the world's largest chocolate fountain while the Venetian has a canal with several gondolas winding through an expensive shopping mall.
The Fremont Street Experience
On our last trip we weren't able to go to the Fremont Street Experience, which is the revitalized old Vegas. So stopping there was a real treat because it's so different from the Vegas Strip -- a little more hip and affordable.
The Viva Vision Light Show

 One of the attractions is the Viva Vision Light Show that fills the roof six times a night. We were entertained by eight pounding  minutes of music by Heart synchronized to the throbbing, dazzling lights.

There are three sound stages with some outstanding musicians performing different genres. You'll also find a ziplines stretching across the top of the facility.

This will probably be my last trip to Vegas (I said that last year), but I think it's a city most people should experience at least one time for its sheer razzle dazzle to the senses.

Until the next time...

(Note: the chocolate machine and light show images should be vertical but blog site won't allow me to rotate them).

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