Friday, November 20, 2015

But What Happened to....

While I was out and about today, a nice woman who read my novel, "Old Ways and New Days," told me that she really liked the story. 


...what happened to Brody, the son of the protagonists, John and Sally Ross? The young man has some issues, as do others in the novel. They're virtual humans, and we know humans aren't perfect. 

I've mentioned in the past that "Old Ways and New Days" is the first book in a series. The second book will feature Brody as a prominent character. And there will be a few others who will take center stage.

In the novel, I laid down the groundwork for other stories in the "saga" of John and Sally Ross. I introduced quite a few characters, some supporting and some very minor, who will return.

The main reason I decided to make this a series is because I really got into the characters. Or perhaps, the characters got into me (novelists will understand what I mean). I found them interesting on many levels. 

And I like reading a series with compelling and quirky characters. My friend, Bill Noel, has a popular Folly Beach Mystery Series that I look forward to reading each book (his latest, "Boneyard Beach" is being released in December). 

Another reason is that when writing "Old Ways and New Days," it was turning into the never-ending story that was going in distinct, different directions, especially the exploits of Brody. So during the rewrites, I removed Brody's story and saved it for the sequel. 

I certainly didn't want "Old Ways and New Days" to turn into a "War and Peace" or "Ulysses," in terms of word count (critical acclaim, I wish). Leo Tolstoy, James Joyce, and authors such as Stephen King,  Victor Hugo, and David Foster Wallace can write mega-length novels and be read. Michael Embry, not! I'm a realist. 

I've been asked after each of my novels if there would be a sequel. I wrote all of them with the idea that I could go back and continue the stories. And maybe I will. 

But for right now, I'll be focusing on completing Brody's story. 

Until the next time...

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