Friday, January 1, 2016

Write Goals for the New Year

I'm not one to make a long list of writing goals. I prefer to keep them short, simple and to the point.

So here's my short list for 2016:

  1. Write every day, beginning today. 
  2. Begin and finish the sequel to "Old Ways and New Days." I'll get back to the manuscript today and work  on it daily until it's completed. 
  3. Publish another short story collection, a followup to "Laments." I've already written six stories; I hope to write six more in the coming months.
  4. Stay more focused on writing life. That means I'll have to rid myself of distractions. That can be difficult because some distractions add some spice to one's life. I suppose I'll keep a few of them, such as travel and photography. 
  5. Read a minimum of two books a month. I accomplished that reading goal on Goodreads in 2015 so I know that's doable with all the other reading I do (magazines, newspapers, blogs, etc.). As most authors will attest, reading makes better writing.
  6. Try to improve my physical condition. I recently joined the Y and have been working out every other day. I believe a healthy body keeps a person mentally fit as well, and being a writer, it's important to stay sharp as possible when working on a novel.
Those are my writing goals for 2016. If I can stay true to my intentions, it should be a productive year.

Until the next time....

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