Thursday, April 28, 2016

Author Observations

One thing I've observed about many authors is that there are those who write about what they're doing and those who simply get it done with little or no fanfare. 

And it's generally the successful authors who concentrate on the work at hand and get it finished. No excuses. No rationalizations. No self-pity. You hardly know they're around until you see that they've had another book published. They make time work for them instead of never having enough time to write.

And they do it over and over. I'm sure they privately discuss how their writing is coming along with their publisher, agent, close friends, and a few other confidantes. Maybe even spouses or significant others. 

You realize that they are focused and designate a block of time each day for their work in progress. No doubt there are some under contract to deliver the goods by a certain date -- and that's sometimes negotiable. But they still get it done.

I think more writers would be more productive -- especially those who are self-published -- if they would have self-imposed deadlines. And that would also apply to traditionally published writers who aren't under contract and want to complete a manuscript by a certain date.

That's something I try to do when working on a novel. I suppose it's also a carryover from my newspaper and wire-service days when I was always under deadline covering events. 

I tend to find myself more tuned in on what I want to accomplish when I set a date to put a wrap on it.

Do deadlines work for you?

Until the next time.... 

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