Saturday, July 30, 2016

Staying Focused (Television)

I don't believe I have a problem with television eroding my writing time because I don't spend much time watching TV, especially when compared to other Americans.

An A.C. Nielsen "Cross-Platform Report" in 2014 revealed that folks spend more than five hours a day watching live TV. And viewers in my age group (the golden oldies), garnered more than seven hours a day. Wow! Here's the story in the New York Daily News. (Here's another article on time spent in social media.)

I seldom watch TV in the morning, unless there is some big breaking news event. Likewise in the afternoon. In the evening, perhaps an occasional movie, PBS News Hour, or some topic I may be interested on the Travel, National Geographic, Science, or History channels and a few others (Kentucky Educational Television, RLTV, C-SPAN).

My mornings are usually spent walking my dogs, working out at the gym (three days a week), research, and writing. Afternoons may involve running a few errands, chores around the house, and taking a short nap (naps are good for you!). Evenings include reading and perhaps a TV program or two before I turn out the lights (I'm not a night owl). I also walk on my treadmill four times a week, usually in the evenings. And there are a few family- and friend-related activities. I do stay rather busy.

So my fellow authors, if you're having some difficulty finding the time to write, you may want to audit your time in front of the television. I find that less is best; just be selective in what you watch.

And for those who are interested in the status of your favorite shows, click here. Good luck with the writing!

Until the next time....


  1. My time with TV is limited to NCIS only. Unfortunately, with a little finger flicking I can always find about ten episodes per night. My plan is beginning to disintegrate.

    1. Best of luck with that, Roger. I occasionally watch shows that have great dialogue or quirky characters but that doesn't take much time because of the paucity of such programs. While I understand addictions to such shows as NCIS (I got caught up in Seinfeld a few years back), after a while I find them rather repetitious and boring since most of them follow a formula. BTW, I hope your writing is coming along well.

    2. You're right, even my beloved NCIS is becoming a little formulaic. I'm approaching the final quarter of my no writing year. And thank goodness, too, since I have three novels to write, but not at the same time. I'm not making that mistake again.