Friday, October 18, 2019

Boomer Websites

As an author of novels for baby boomers, also known as boomer lit, there are websites I read regularly to keep up-to-date on what is happening with the generation born from 1946-64. 

I have a keen interest in baby boomers. It's important for me to know the issues and concerns of those I'm writing about in this genre. And as a boomer, I'd be reading visiting these to see what is going on with those in my age group. 

I recently wrote about my hearing loss and getting hearing aids. It helped me understand this health issue from the viewpoint of others about this problem, both professional and personal.    

I also like to be informed about issues that I may encounter before my brief time on Earth is over. And it's not only health matters. There are financial and social matters that concern me. 

By keeping up with the various issues, it informs my writing and makes it relatable to my readers. I also gather information in other ways, such as chats with family and friends and other media (TV, books, movies, etc.)

Here's a shortlist of websites I frequent:

AARP —  The website is targeted for those 50 and over so it also brings in those who hit that magic number this year (Generation X). It's an all-encompassing site that provides useful information on health (such as Medicare, prescription, drugs, etc.), leisure, travel, and finance. 

Baby Boomers — This useful destination provides information on topics such as travel, healthy living, relationships, nutrition and more.  

Boomer Cafe — This site offers wide-ranging topics such as retirement, health, fitness, politics, and an active lifestyle. I receive a first-person story in my email each morning from boomers sharing their life experiences.

Growing Bolder — As part of the Growing Bolder Broadcasting that is seen nationally, the site focuses on active and inspirational lifestyles for older folks.  Not surprisingly,  the site contains quite a few interesting videos.  

Next Avenue — Like AARP, this site is aimed toward those 50 and over. It includes topics such as caregiving, health, work, and technology. It is affiliated with the Public Broadcasting System and produced by Twins Cities PBS.

I also read articles about boomers in MSN, HuffPost, WebMD, and other sites. 

Do you have any recommendations?

Until the next time . . .  


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