Thursday, August 25, 2011

Living in the '60s and 60s

I attended a fun concert last night at the Kentucky State Fair in Louisville. It was the 2011 Happy Together Tour, so it was an evening to sit back and enjoy some great music from a decade that shaped so much of my life.
Mark Lindsay, the lead singer for Paul Revere and the Raiders, put on an energetic set. The way he was jumping and moving on the stage, and belting out those tunes from his heyday, you'd never guess he was 69.
He remarked that he was thankful to have lived in the '60s and that now he's reliving the 60s, not only on stage but in life. I suppose that most of the performers were in their 60s, if not early 70s. By the way, also cranking out their hits from that decade were The Turtles (Flo and Eddie), The Buckinghams, The Grass Roots and The Association. 
But back to Lindsay's insightful comment. I'd never really thought about that those stages in my life. Yes, I was part of the '60s and now  I'm in my 60s (not as old as Mr. Lindsay!). But it's something to be ponder and be thankful for. I have all these memories from my life at a younger age (and the music helps rekindle some almost-forgotten times).
Much like photographs and old friends, music taps into my memory bank. As The Buckinghams sang, "Hey, baby, they're playing our song,"  let the music trigger some memories in you.
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