Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Write Time

I've generally been a morning person when it comes to writing books. My other writing comes at different times of the day, whenever I find a break in the day to put down some words on the computer screen.
But with books I need to get into a rhythm -- same time each day -- in pounding out the words, sentences, paragraphs, and chapters. This is for the first draft. I have to be in a daily routine until I'm finished. I usually like to have a minimum of two hours to write, but will do more on weekends. Don't forget that I'm a working stiff and there are only so many hours in a day to write. And I like to squeeze in a few hours of sleep as well. 
You might be surprised how many words you can write in two hours. If you're really focused, and I usually am once the story begins flowing, I may churn out 2,000 or more words. Now many of these words may not reach the printed page, but that's not important at this point. The main thing is to tell the story I want to tell. After that, I can work on structure, characters, scenes, dialogue, and other parts.
During the editing/rewrite phase, it's when the opportunity arises each day that I work on the manuscript. But I try to do something each day. After writing the first draft, I do take a week or so off  so that when I come back to it I will read the manuscript with somewhat fresh eyes. And I'll do that on subsequent rewrites until I'm satisfied with it.
Of course, it doesn't end there. If the book is accepted by the publisher, you work with the editor on various parts of the book. I've been very fortunate at Wings ePress to have editors who have provided me with insightful feedback on strengthening the manuscript in all areas.
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