Sunday, November 13, 2011

On the Books

The 30th annual Kentucky Book Fair is history.

And what is nice is that the book fair almost made history. The event took in about $157,000 -- about $32,000 more than last year -- and making it one of the most successful and reversing a downward trend for the state's premiere literary gathering.

I like reporter Kayleigh Zyskowski's lead in The State Journal: "In a convenient literary world of e-readers, digital copies and smartphones, the Kentucky Book Fair proved once again that printed word is very much a part of the book world."

It did, indeed.

I was there all day with two of my books and noticed a steady crowd of book buyers until the doors were closed. It was a great day for everyone involved.

According to the newspaper, these were the top 10 best-selling books/items:

Al Smith -- "Wordsmith: My Life in Journalism"
Paul Michael Glaser -- "Chrystallia and the Source of Light"
James Archambeault -- "2012 Kentucky Calendar"
Meadowlark Lemon -- "Trust Your Next Shot: A Guide to a Life of  Joy"
Douglas Boyd -- "Crawfish Bottom: Recovering a Lost Kentucky Community"
Dick Burdette -- "Kentucky Babe: The Babe Parilli Story"
Bobbie Ann Mason -- "The Girl in the Blue Beret"
Ron Rhody -- "Theo and the Mouthful of Ashes"
Bob Edwards -- "A Voice in the Box: My Life in Radio"
Gene Burch -- "Frankfort and Beyond"

I enjoyed participating in this year's event, signing a few books, meeting other authors and conversing with readers who still treasure seeing the printed word on paper.

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