Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Salute to Future Veterans

On 11-11-11 the United States will honor those who have served in the military.

As an Air Force veteran, I also salute the men and women who are currently in the armed forces. You are making sacrifices for our nation and other countries in trying to make this a safer world.

Regardless of how long you plan to serve, make the most of it. It's an experience that you'll cherish as time goes on. Believe me. I look back on my service with many fond memories.

Take advantage of the training, travel, and most of all, the people you encounter along the way. I still maintain contact with guys I served with 40 years ago.

I hope you use the many opportunities you will have, such as  educational benefits and VA home loans. I used my GI Bill to  complete my college education and used the VA program to purchase a home. My sons have done the same.

I look forward to the day when you join me in the ranks of military veterans so I can salute you again.

Until the next time...

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