Putting together the right words into sentences, into paragraphs, into chapters, and into a completed manuscript takes time, discipline, dedication, and commitment.

Those who have written a novel should be proud of their accomplishment. Many people have attempted that journey but only a few have reached the end.

But sometimes writer's judge their success by the number of books sold.

Some writers produce great novels that sell lots of copies. There are others who write great novels that hardly see the light of day. Then there are others who write novels (good and bad) that become bestsellers. And then there are those who write novels (good and bad) that drift off into oblivion, never to be seen or read from again.

Success should be judged by the process rather than sales because there are a lot of components in turning a novel into a product that readers want to purchase, such as promotion, marketing, and visibility. The main component is to write a good story. Everything else can sometimes be the roll of the dice.

When I complete a novel, it's mission accomplished. Everything else is icing on the cake. And I admit I don't mind the sweet icing but that's not the reason I write. Writing is my form of creative expression. 

Writers simply need to think about on the process -- the first draft, edits, rewrites, proofreading, and finally the novel -- to know they reached their goal.