Monday, March 5, 2012

Writing and Reading

Sometimes being an author requires more than writing a book. You may be asked to read from your work at book signings, libraries, churches, learning centers, schools, book fairs, and other gatherings.

For readers, this is a special treat. They are able to put a voice to the words they see on the pages. And it's also a time to meet those writers you admire.

Last week I attended readings by several Wind Publications authors at the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning in Lexington, Ky. It marked the 20th celebration of the Nicholasville, Ky., publishing house, owned by poet Charlie Hughes.

Among those taking part were poets Harry Brown, Sherry Chandler, Dorothy Sutton, and Steve Rhodes; fiction writers Normandi Ellis and Georgia Green Stamper; and non-fiction writer Steve Flairty. Charlie also shared some of his poetry. (You can find some of their titles at the Wind Publications website.)

A reading provides a chance for an author to see how his or her words resonate with readers. It just might be music to their ears.

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