There’s nothing quite like having car problems. I’ve had my fill the past couple of weeks. That’s one reason I haven’t been posting anything.
It all started when I was driving to  work and my car made a rattling noise under the hood and abruptly stopped. I had it towed to a service center and the mechanics found a broken surpentine belt. I thought -- and they thought -- it would be a simple repair. Not my luck. The oil-sending unit was destroyed and other internal mechanisms (hey, folks, I’m not a mechanic!) were messed up. And after keeping it for three days, they couldn’t get it started.
So I had the car towed to a dealership, hoping they would have the diagnostic equipment to find the problem. They did various and sundry things, but were unable to get it started. They may have been able to, however, if  I was willing to spend more than the car was worth. I don’t think so!
Around that time, I had a doctor’s appointment. I took my wife’s car. While leaving the parking lot after a procedure, I bumped into another car. It didn’t cause much damage to the other vehicle, but my wife’s car had to go to the body shop. 
While waiting on the final verdict on my car, I decided to get a rental. I kept it for about eight days. After returning the car, I was told I owed $25 to repair a crack in the windshield. Huh?!? I didn’t notice a crack when on the initial inspection so there wasn’t much I could do.
Of course, I’ll never use -- or recommend -- that rental service in Frankfort again so they’ll be losing out more than the money they got from me. Hey folks, my advice is to really go over your rental car because you never know how nitpicky they’ll be. I should have known better.
I’ve bought another car and my wife’s vehicle should be back on the road soon. So I’m back on the road again. Be on the lookout -- and wish me luck!