Sunday, February 17, 2013

National Library Lovers' Month

I suppose it's appropriate to have National Library Lovers' Month during the same month of Valentine's Day.

For those who love to read and participate in the various activities at their local library, there is a passion among patrons in their support of the facility and all it does for their communities.

 I've always considered the library one of the main hubs of any city. In fact, I wouldn't want to live in a city that didn't have a good library. Often when I visit towns in Kentucky, I'll stop by libraries and browse through their collections.

For authors and readers, a library is a great place for readings and book discussions. Authors also can sign copies of their latest book.

I've been fortunate to reside in places in Kentucky with excellent libraries, such as the Paul Sawyier Public Library in Frankfort, Lexington Public Library, and Louisville Free Public Library.

The Friends and Foundations of California Libraries has these recommendations to show your love: Contribute, Be a Friend, Volunteer, and Promote.

If you get a chance over the next couple weeks, go over to you local library and show your love!

Until the next time...


  1. I always enjoyed going to libraries, but with the ebooks, the only time I go now is to vote, and they are closed. I have one less than a mile away, perhaps I will stop in soon and see what's new!

    1. Hi Sandie...I like to browse the stacks and get an idea of what books are out there. Our library also has a nice music and movie collection as well as area for magazines and newspapers. I hope you get to visit yours soon.

  2. ah! libraries, my shrines! I can never stop visit them, there´s nothing like loose yourself in there ... my idea of heaven :) hope you enjoy this special month at your favourite library Michael :) xoxo, Elizabeth

    1. Well said, Elizabeth. It should be a learning shrine for everyone. And much more!