Sunday, March 3, 2013

Final Curtain?

Last week I received an email from the Kentucky Repertory Theatre. The subject line read: "Thanks for the memories."

And with those words, I learned that the little theatre in Horse Cave that could stage wonderful productions for 36 years would not have a 2013 season. The email said: "Economic pressures have made it impossible to continue."
The Lexington Herald-Leader's Rich Copley wrote an excellent article about the theatre's rich history last week.

I'm saddened by the news. The last play I saw at KRT was the excellent musical "Floyd Collins" in last fall. I was looking forward to a new season.

"Our theatre is not dead," the email stated. "It lives on in the memories of hundreds of thousands of patrons; in our influence on theatre in the region, state and nation; in the performers who share with the world the art they honed on our stage; and especially in the hundreds of thousands of young people who experienced live, professional theatre in rural Kentucky."

I certainly hope theatre lovers as well as those who understand the importance of the arts will rally to the aid of KRT -- and raise money so the little theatre will live on as more than a memory.

Until the next time...


  1. It's so sad to see so many "landmarks" having to close their doors. I am afraid the arts aren't appreciated as much now as they were in years past. So many high schools have dropped their programs because of budget cuts, thus leaving that void with the younger generation.

  2. We've had much the same here in Kentucky, Sandie, because of budget cuts in schools It seems like folks in schools are willing to slash funds for bands and arts programs but keep sports programs. Perhaps it goes in cycles and the arts will be the focus again in a few years.