Monday, September 23, 2013

Homestretch for Book Release

The galley proof for "The Bully List" has been returned to the publisher and now the waiting game until the Oct. 1 release.

I'm glad I had fresh eyes (my wife's) proofread the manuscript because she found "missing" words that registered in my brain when I went over the passages. Ever had a "peanut (butter) and jelly sandwich and glass of milk?"
She also picked up on a few other items that improved the novel.

I also received some biased feedback from her about the story -- she liked it! I may have to take her out to dinner next week to celebrate, and it won't be for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 

As noted in a previous post, my attention now is marketing and promotion. Several review copies will be going out in the mail. I may even set up a Facebook page devoted to my writing life. 

I've been on Twitter for about a year. If you want to follow or connect, I'm @MichaelEmbry. You can also find me at Google+ (as Michael Embry).

And I'm still working on my revamped website that I hope to launch on Oct. 1.

When all of this is over, or at least simmers down a few degrees, I plan to get back to writing short stories to be included in a second volume of "Laments."

But for now, I'm focusing my attention on "The Bully List" and taking a few deep breaths and enjoying what has already been accomplished.

Until the next time...

P.S. I have set up a Facebook page -- Kentucky author Michael Embry. Please drop by and "Like" it.


  1. Good luck!! I get to go through all this in the spring! I'm already nervous. LOL

  2. Thanks, Mari. I'll certainly be glad when this process is over and the manuscript sees the light of day. Good luck with your book next spring!

  3. oh how wonderful Michael!
    I wish you the very best and if you do open the facebook page I´d be glad to follow :D xoxo

    1. Hi Elizabeth....You can follow at Kentucky author Michael Embry. Thanks!

  4. Sounds like it will be HOT OFF THE PRESS very soon! Congrats!

    1. Very hot now. Only three more days -- Oct.1. Thank you for your interest.