Thursday, November 28, 2013

Save Thanksgiving Day

I believe family and friends should be at the heart of the Thanksgiving holiday.

It's a day we reflect on things we are thankful and the blessings we have received. And it's a day to show thanks to others for being in our lives. 

It concerns me that some stores are open today, getting a head start on "Black Friday" sales. I think it's wrong. 

A couple of days ago I signed an online petition not to shop today. If you want to sign, click here. I'm not sure how much good it will do but at least you can voice your concern about others having to man stockrooms, retail departments and cash registers instead of celebrating this day like millions of others.

ABC-TV also had a story about some chains not going along with the gradual trend that some term as "gray Thursday." They are keeping their doors closed. Hooray for them!

I think the best way to get the message to retailers is for folks to simply have a Thanksgiving Day boycott. If it's not worth their time to keep the lights on, then perhaps they'll turn off the lights and let their employees be with their families and loved ones.

I don't understand why people can't wait until Friday to find those great "bargains" at the big box stores. And we all know that there will be wonderful buys on products leading right up to Christmas day.

So let's keep this a traditional holiday for everyone. Stay at home and watch the parades and football on TV. Sit around the table or living room and talk to family. If you want to go out, volunteer to work at a soup kitchen or similar place to help those who don't have a blessings you have. Spend time with the children and grandchildren, shooting hoops, passing a football, or whatever you like to do outdoors. Or simply take a nap, you deserve it!

Just stay away from the stores! And remember these stores on Black Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Until the next time...


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