Monday, December 22, 2014

Post NaNoWriMo Part II

Although National Novel Writing Month ended 22 days ago, I'm still working on my manuscript.

I've written nearly 64,000 words and the end is still not in sight. As the manuscript develops and expands, it's beginning to look more like a two- or three-book serial. That's fine with me because I like my characters and their story lines. 

An author at the Kentucky Book Fair in November told me that many writers are moving toward series. I know authors such as Nora Roberts have been very successful with them.

Several readers have asked me if I had planned to do that with my previous titles. It was never my intention to do that but that is certainly a possibility if the muse inspires me to go back to those stories. 

And I must confess that I broke my string of writing every day at 50. You can blame my wife because of some honey-do's connected with Christmas shopping. I'll keep those in my memory bank for future stories.

I'll be writing through the holidays and beyond because that's the only way to reach the end. And that's the ultimate goal.

Until the next time....

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