Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A New Family Member

My wife and I added a new member to our household--meet Belle. 


Belle, we believe, is a Chorkie -- a Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terrier mix. She visited the vet yesterday for a checkup and distemper shot. She weighed 2 pounds, 12 ounces. 

She's about seven or eight weeks ago. We'll celebrate her birthdays on Dec. 1. 

As for her name, we chose it because our granddaughters -- Lily and Lola -- love the character in the Disney movie "Beauty and the Beast." 

Besides loving dogs, we decided to take Belle because she's a rescue pup. A good friend was able to take 12 puppies from a person, and over a few hours, found them new homes.

Now we already have another dog -- Bailey -- also a Chorkie. And he came from the same home (we believe they might have the same dad). We've had him for two years and he's been a loving friend and companion. He's been a true stress reliever for me with his quiet and laid-back demeanor. 
Belle and Bailey

But we felt that Bailey needed a canine friend so that's another big reason we decided to take Belle into our home.

There are times when Bailey seemed lonely. When we had to leave the house for whatever reasons, he appeared to be very unhappy about it. And he was always overjoyed when we returned.

Another thing that sealed the deal was a video (see below) I watched on YouTube about what a dog does when left at home while the owner goes to work. The owner attached a GoPro cam on the dog. Needless to say, the dog was fretful and upset until he returned. We wondered if Bailey had similar experiences when he was by himself.

Bailey was a bit unsure about Belle when she came into our home, but after three days, they are playing together, lying next to each other, and getting along just splendidly. It's a delight to watch them interact.

I believe Bailey and Belle are happy playmates. I know my wife and I are glad to have them in our lives (even though we have another round of puppy training).

My wife has a cup that's inscribed "Who Rescued Who?" There's some truth in those words.

Until the next time...

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