Monday, March 16, 2015

Progress Report on Belle

Belle, my 3 1/2-month-old Chorkie, completed her puppy shots today at the veterinarian's office. She now weighs 5.56 pounds, up for the 2.12 pounds on her first trip to the vet two months ago. 

Among Belle's vaccinations was a rabies shot, and now she has a green tag to wear on her collar. 

In the past few weeks, Belle has developed some light bright hair around her neck and on her rump. I'm looking forward to seeing what she'll look like at six months.

Belle will be making another visit to the vet in about three months to be spayed. 

Bailey and Belle
She's been a great addition to our family, especially for Bailey, who is 2 1/2-years-old. He needed a doggy playmate and they've been pals almost from the get-go. Her friskiness has helped him burn off a few calories as well in the past month. Now that the weather has turned warmer, we're taking twice-a-day walks in the neighborhood and we'll be heading the park for them to romp around in a few weeks.

My wife and I love having two dogs in our home. We'll enjoy it even better when Belle is totally house-trained, but she's getting there. She's learned a lot from being around Bailey. And Bailey has become a friendlier pooch by seeing how Belle interacts with humans.

Until the next time....


  1. Cute dogs. I've never come across that breed before.

  2. Roger, a chorkie is a chihuahua-Yorkshire terrier mix.