Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Story Songs: Where Would I Be

During the past few days, I've read postings on Facebook and other social media about long relationships between married couples. And I recently read a short piece on the AARP website about  keys to keeping a marriage strong and vibrant through the years.

Those posts, along with having friends who've spent most of their lives with one mate, made me think about a song by one of my favorite singer-songwriters, Nanci Griffith, called "Where Would I Be." 

While Griffith writes many  of the songs on her recordings, this one was penned by the legendary British musician Paul Carrack. This tune is on her "Clock Without Hands" album, released in 2001.

Griffith's sweet, sincere and lilting voice conveys the depth and beauty of the heartfelt lyrics. 

The song beings:

"Tell me where
Would I be now without you
Without an angel 
Watching out for me"

I believe most people in strong relationships can relate to those words as well as the second verse:

"Took a long, long time
For me to realize 
All my faith in you
Was so justified"

I see those words as reflecting a relationship that grows stronger --sticking it out in the good times and the bad. 

The song goes on to say that we find truth and support from the person we love.  And without that significant other, we would "be lost, just drifting out to sea."

And it closes with:

"If I could start all over
I wouldn't change a thing
'Cause I know you'll always 
Be there through thick and thin

"Tell me where
Would I be without you now"

This is one of my favorite love songs. I hope you enjoy it as well. 

"Where Would I Be" lyrics

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