Friday, October 2, 2015

Back to the Manuscript: Part 19 (It's Alive!)

My manuscript is now a published work -- "Old Ways and New Days" was released on Oct. 1 by Wings ePress

It took a day for it to show up on and other websites for downloads. The print version is available from the publisher now and will be on other sites in the next day or so.

Although this is my 11th book, it is still an exhilarating experience to see the finished product. And that's a reason I'll start working on the sequel in the next few weeks (I owe myself a little break to catch my breath and re-energize the tired gray matter and flimsy fingers).

But as all authors will attest, it takes more than words to cross the finish line. It took a great team at Wings -- editors, proofreaders, graphic artist -- to make it happen. I am grateful for their assistance.

I'll be promoting the novel the next few weeks,  mailing postcards to libraries, bookstores and friends, handing out book marks, participating in the Kentucky Book Fair, and various and sundry other things that come along.

What's the novel about? Here's the teaser: "John Ross is retiring after many years working as a journalist. He contemplates about what he wants to do with the rest of his life. But along the way he finds out that there are some things you simply can't control. Life simply happens."

That's what I'm going to do the next few weeks -- let life happen. 

Until the next time...


  1. Congratulations for this new novel. It seems interesting. Really i must admit too that life happens and we can't control many things. Yet i must say All well that ends well. I hope to read your new novel.

    Wish you all the best!

    1. Thank you, Kiran. I haven't heard from you in a while. I hope all is well with you.