Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Back to the Manuscript -- Part 20 (Promote, Promote, Promote)

My novel, "Old Ways and New Days," has been out in the marketplace for about three weeks. But that doesn't mean the publishing process is over for the novel.

While I wish it was over, to some extent, it's not exactly on cruise control at this point. Now the focus has turned to marketing and promotion.

Simply trying to get the word out about my most amazing, inspirational, nail-biting, grand, sparkling and awesome coming-of-old-age novel (how's that for hyperbole!) is occupying a lot of my time. 

Since publication, I've mailed (yes, snail mailed) postcards to various libraries, book stores, friends and others), set up a promotion on Goodreads.com (see widget at bottom of page), used Facebook and Twitter to tell the world about the book, provided the novel to reviewers, and did some old-fashioned, word-of-mouth promotion. 

I'll also be attending the 34th annual Kentucky Book Fair on Nov. 14, in Frankfort. I've also be going to the Authors Fair in Madison, Ind., on April 2-3, 2016. Between November and April, I hope to line up a few more events and speaking engagements. 

I've also provided my publisher with some keywords for my novels that are offered on Amazon, hoping to boost sales on all seven titles. 

Have I started on a new novel? Well, yes and no.

My next novel is a sequel to "Old Ways and New Days," and I've already written about 30k words. I'll get back to that task after the book fair, if not sooner. I'm on the book fair's executive committee so that takes up a lot of my time with compiling the catalog, TV interviews, news releases, and more. 

So, as you can tell, I've been a busy writer the past three weeks. I think I'll need a vacation very soon. 

Until the next time...

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