Thursday, December 17, 2015

Another Promotion

After the novel is finished and in print, the next step is promote, promote, promote.

Some authors suggest that promotion should begin before a book is published. I find it difficult to write, edit, proof the galleys and promote although I suppose I do it passively through this blog and other places.

Perhaps I'm a bit cautious about actively promoting before the release date because I know there are variables which could affect the transition of a manuscript into a novel such as editorial issues, production problems, and personal setbacks. You never know what obstacles may arise in the process.  

For "Old Ways and New Days," I've had a promotion on Goodreads soon after it's release. I've also  used Apex Reviews and Author Shout in recent weeks to spread the word about the novel on various social media sites. And, of course, various posts on my blog and Twitter tweets have been used about the book. 

My most recent is a giveaway on The contest is limited to those residing in the United States. If I can find a way to offer a similar promotion for the e-version, I will do that internationally. Please share with me if you have any ideas on how to do that.  

So if you're interested in entering latest giveaway, which runs through Dec. 22, click here

I also learned that my publisher, Wings ePress, will be upgrading its website over the next few weeks, which should help me and their other authors. 

Promotion is an ongoing process, at least for six months after the release of a book. I try to keep it active while working on my next book (something I hope to do beginning the first of the year). 

Until the next time....


  1. I'll be entering that realm (again) with the publication of my last three novels over the next few weeks. I hate self promotion. I hate it. Did I mention that I hate it?

    1. I know where you're coming from, Roger. It's a necessary evil in the process. I try to look at the positives and do what I need to do in promotion. So you really hate it??? ;)