Friday, September 23, 2016

Time for a Change

For most of my writing life, I've been an early bird, getting out of bed before the dawn's sunrise and working on a manuscript for several hours before heading off to a bill-paying job.

But I'm retired now and my daily routine has changed as well. It took me a while to recognize it, but blame that on my age for not adapting soon enough. I suppose one reason I didn't was because I adhered to my old schedule while writing "Old Ways and New Days."

Now I'm working on the sequel (no working title as yet), which has had numerous starts and stops the past few months. But I think I'm on course to finish the first draft because I'm writing in the evening.

My mornings were becoming too busy with trips to the YMCA three days at week, usually leaving home at 5:30 a.m. When I return home I walk the dogs, do household chores, take care of various honey-dos from my wife, and all other things that pop up during the day.

I've found that the evenings work better for me. I generally start at 7 p.m., after dinner and taking the dogs for another walk, and write for about two hours. And then I get ready for bed.

One thing I do is end each session with some nugget to sleep on, which gets me right on the track the next evening. I simply pick up where I left off -- and I'm eager to do it. I've been doing this since Sept. 1, and I haven't missed an evening. Even those days when I can't get to the computer by 7, I find the time at 9, 10 or whatever to write for an hour or so.

So I guess what I'm suggesting is that if you find yourself in a rut -- or run into writer's block -- then perhaps you should look at your daily timetable and make the needed adjustments to write.

Until the next time.... 

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