Monday, January 16, 2012

And the Winner Is...

Remember the days when we only had the Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, and Tony awards? I know there were probably others but those were the Big Four -- and probably still are to those who care about those things.

They received the main coverage from the media. Fans would even fill out sheets from newspapers and entertainment magazines predicting the winners in various categories. They would root for films, Broadway shows, TV programs, and music genres and the respective artists/stars in each medium like others would pull for teams and players in athletic competition.

But somewhere along the line TV decided that we needed more award shows because it was easy to draw audiences to those kinds of programs because of the celebrity star power.
Among the other award shows are MTV Music, American Music, People's Choice, Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild, Independent Spirit, Directors Guild, and Critic's Choice. And I bet I have only touched the tip of the iceberg.

I read where the Golden Globes attracted nearly 17 million viewers. I suppose that sounds like a lot -- it probably depends on one's perspective -- but in a nation of 310 million that means more than 290 million found something better to watch or do. But it was probably an inexpensive way for advertisers to spread the word about their products to a desired audience.

I wasn't one of the 17 million. Were you?

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