Saturday, January 14, 2012

Retirement Homes

I received an AARP Bulletin in e-mail today that contained a story about the 10 best places to retire. Naturally, those places are warm-weather spots where you can play golf, tennis, enjoy the outdoors, and see sunshine most days of the year.

But I started thinking about it. I live in a moderate climate (Kentucky). We'll occasionally have a big snowfall or ice storm, but for the most part the weather ranges from 15 to 45 during the winter months. The summers can hot and humid but they are tolerable. Spring can be rainy and falls are generally gorgeous.

But weather aside, why would I want to pack up and move a 1,000 miles away and leave family and friends behind? I don't. Can I make new friends after leaving? Of course. Been there, done that during my career. But why leave friends at this stage of my life?

And why leave family? Do I want to miss important events in the lives of my two granddaughters? No. Do I want to be away if something catastrophic happens to family members? No.

About the only move I'll consider, if I live long enough, will be to a senior retirement home where I live.

So nothing against those places in Florida, Arizona and elsewhere. They are great places for a vacation. But for retirement, I'm staying in my old Kentucky home.

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