Sunday, February 12, 2012

Birthday Girl

Today was a special occasion for several families -- the Embrys, Hagans and Caswells.

We celebrated Lola Grace's first birthday. She's my granddaughter. I'm not sure she understood what was going on, especially being the center of attention, but she handled it rather well.

The dining room was decorated with balloons and cards. Lola wore a pink tiara with "Birthday Princess" on it. And there was some Valentine heart candy since she's a sweetheart as well.

Her sweetheart and princess sister, Lily, helped her blow out the candle. I was told that Lily even helped her dad, my son  Justin, pick out the chocolate cake. It was even Lily's idea to have some purple icing on the cake. Purple, by the way, is Lily's favorite color.

The cake turned into finger food for Lola. It was delicious. 
Lola received some nice gifts. She even seemed to enjoy the boxes and wrapping paper they came in.  

It's hard to believe a year has passed since Lola made her grand entrance into the world at Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington. I know her parents, sister, and grandparents look forward to many more birthday parties.

Until the next time...

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