Monday, February 27, 2012

Buckle Up!

I read a news release today from the Kentucky State Police reporting the number of fatal accidents from the previous week. It noted that eight fatalities involved motor vehicles and four of the victims weren't wearing seat belts. 

So far this year, according to KSP, 89 people have died on state roads, with 43 of them not wearing seat belts. How tragic.

I've been wearing seat belts since the late 1960s when cars were equipped with lap restraints. Later, cars came with shoulder restraints. And later, we have airbags.

A seat belt is simply a step that should be automatic for a driver -- lock door, fasten seat belt and turn on ignition. 
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates the 13,000 lives would be saved each year if people would only buckle up. The National Safety Council notes that 88 percent of drivers in the United States use safety restraints.

So what about those 12 percent who decide that's it's too much trouble to fasten a seat belt? My guess is that many of them end up on fatality lists.

From my standpoint, I simply don't feel safe without my seat belt fastened. It would be like being on an amusement-park ride without a restraint. Kind of scary in many ways.  

Wearing a seat belt is just a smart and common-sense thing to do. And don't forget child restraints/car seats for those little folks who depend on you to keep them safe and secure! 

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