Sunday, November 11, 2012

31st Kentucky Book Fair Memories

The 31st Kentucky Book Fair is history.
I had a wonderful time signing books, talking to KBF patrons, and chatting with other authors. My wife spent time purchasing books for Christmas gifts and attending most of the symposiums. She had a great time as well. 

Sales were down, according to the Frankfort State Journal, from $157,000 last year to $110,000. I'm not sure what accounted for the decline other than the beautiful weather (temps in the 70s) and other activities going on during the Frankfort's annual Candlight event.

The SJ listed the best-selling authors/artists as Mary McDonough, James Archambeault, Ryan Clark and Joe Cox, Stephan Pastis, Al Smith, Silas House, James Higdon, James B. Goode, Duffy Brown, and Wendell Berry. Nope, you don't see my name. Maybe next year.

I got to talk to McDonough for a few minutes. Her name doesn't ring a bell? She played Erin on widely popular TV show "The Waltons" back in the 1970s. Her book is "Lessons From the Mountain: What I Learned from Erin Walton."  Mary had a great time in Kentucky, selling tons of books from Augusta to Lexington to Frankfort. She's a a lovely and inspiring person and I recommend her book, especially to girls and young women.

Proceeds from the KBF go to school and public libraries as well as literacy programs across Kentucky. In the meantime, support your local library!
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  1. Sounds like a wonderful time and wonderful memories to keep! And, yes, maybe next year!