Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Writing A Novel: After Seven Days

I've written every day so far in my first time participating in  National Novel Writing Month. The goal is to produce a minimum of 50,000 words in November.
So far I've written 10,913 words, an average of 1,559 a day. I should be averaging 1,667 but I'm not too far off.  Some days I write a little more than needed, some days a little less.

I must admit that writing this novel hasn't been that easy. Of course, it shouldn't be easy. And it's only a first draft. I hope by the end of the month that there will be usable parts that I can transform into a novel for young adults.

I wish I it was like being on a runaway train because I would at least be on track. Instead, it's been more like swaying all over a six-lane highway, unable to stay in a designated lane.

Perhaps as I progress along I will be able to steady my course and have a nice flow to the story. We'll see. I'll have another update at 14 days.
Until the next time…


  1. well I congratulate you for taking this impressive task! keep on going! I´m sure at the end you will have some really cool stuff to work with :D
    always wishing you the best and all the success, yor friend eliz :)

  2. Thank you, Elizabeth. I hope you're doing well.