Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Getting Focused for 2014

After a busy past few weeks, I'll be turning my attention on my next writing project. I have several ideas floating  around in my head so I'll have to decide which direction to take in 2014.

My last two novels were for young adults -- "Shooting Star" and "The Bully List." In between I wrote "Laments: Short Stories."

And before that I wrote a murder mystery, "A Confidential Man," and before that a contemporary mainstream, "Foolish Is The Heart."

I've had folks ask me when I'm going to write another mainstream novel. And the same for a mystery. I've enjoyed writing both as well as the young-adult novels and short stories. I've always wanted to write a play but that will probably come about in a few more years.

Of course, I could multi-task and work on all three at the same time. I know some authors who have worked on several books at the same time and didn't miss a beat. I'm not sure I could do that at this point.

The main problem I see is that I'm still working fulltime so that takes a big chunk out of my writing time. And I do like to do other things while I'm on this earth, such as travel, read, hike, be with friends, and family time, and not necessarily in that order. I firmly believe writers must have some balance in their lives.

After I think through all the possibilities, I'll let you know which direction I have taken in the new year.

Until the next time...


  1. I hope all the very best of all them for you. I agree there should be a balance. A writer shouldn't bound oneself only to writing task rather should enjoyed the life fully :)
    Will be waiting for your new book too :)

  2. Thanks, Kiran. I hope your writing is coming along nicely. I wish you all the best in the new year!