Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Organized Clutter

The room where I write appears cluttered to most folks. And, I suppose, it probably is at first glance. 

A glimpse of my desk, one bookcase, and wall.
There are four bookcases loaded with books, a CD rack loaded with CDs, stereo system with four speakers, desk and two-drawer file cabinet. There's also a chair where I read and a padded bed on the floor for my little buddy Bailey. And there's a window that provides some light and allows me to know what's going on outside my private domain.

This is my retreat. My escape. If it's clutter, it's organized clutter because I know where everything is. And for the observer, that's something they shouldn't be concerned about anyway. I know where to find things quickly so that's all that really matters.

Most of the books are focused on writing. There are others I use for reference, such as history, geography, and sociology. I own several dictionaries and thesauri as well. 

I must say that I'd be surprised if I went into a writer's study and didn't see books, lots of them. I also have a mini-library in the downstairs den with more books. 

But the study is my personal space where I read, write, listen to music, or simply meditate, contemplate, or vegetate.

Until the next time... 

Some music to go with this post:

The Beach Boys -- "In My Room"


  1. I wish my pit were as clean as yours. My wife has threatened to either divorce or kill me if I don't clean it up.

    1. I do have to declutter on occasion, Roger. I get similar threats from my wife as well! :)