Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Story Songs: The Best Things in Life

Recently I rediscovered Mike Pinder, the former keyboardist extraordinaire (especially with the mellotron) for The Moody Blues

I downloaded "The Promise/Among the Stars," recordings from the mid-1970s ("The Promise") and "Among the Stars" (mid-'90s).

Pinder penned Moodies' classics such as "Melancholy Man," "(Thinking is) the Best Way (to Travel)," "Lost in a Lost World," and "A Simple Game." 

One of my favorites from the recent download is the upbeat "The Best Things in Life," a wonderful feel-good tune about the the joys in life that money can't buy.

It opens:

"Each time you see your baby smile
Each time you hear that someone is a mother to be
The best things in life are free.

"Each time you hear a waterfall
Each time you see the sunset or the fruit on a tree
The best things in life are free"

And then he sings about the special person in his life:

"The world turns around and around
The moon moves the sea
I'm thinking of you in my life
Getting closer to me"

And it closes:

"Next time you take a breath of air
Remember people everywhere will agree
The best things in life are free"

I believe most of us would agree with Pinder that the best things don't carry a price tag. 

Mike Pinder 
Pinder, who is now 72, left the Moody Blues in 1978 after their "Octave" release. The download also includes two songs by The Pinder Brothers (Michael Lee and Matt), Mike's two sons, accompanied by retired Moody co-founder Ray Thomas on the flute. 

You'll also find some ballads, uptempo songs, and three instrumentals on this two-album release that rekindles some sounds from the "core seven" Moodies' releases while showcasing Pinder's distinctive voice, musicianship, and songwriting.

And a bonus by The Pinder Brothers (Dear Diane):

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  2. How nice and reality based. "The best things in life are free".Just like a "SIMPLE SMILE" :)
    It is only we who make it difficult and spent whole life after materialistic things and in end we realize the reality.

  3. Right on, Kiran. Smiles, friendships, helping others, family and things like that are really the best things we can experience.