Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Common Courtesy

This has been on my mind for a few months so I thought I would go ahead and vent. 

There are times when I'm asked to donate a book for a fundraiser or some other event. I generally put a signed copy of one of my books in a mailer, drive to the post office, purchase the postage and hand the package to the postal clerk.

I don't ask anything in return but it would be nice once in a while to at least receive a "thank you" from the recipient. I know some folks believe that authors have unlimited resources, but like in society, that's probably the top 1 percent. 

So a "thank you" or at least an acknowledgement of receiving the book would be nice. A simple common courtesy. 

Another pet peeve is to be invited to speak to a group, school classroom, or some other event -- even to the point of setting a date and time -- and not be notified that it has been cancelled.

That's happened to me. I don't get angry, but I am a bit disappointed that the person didn't have the common courtesy to let me know. I suppose they don't realize that authors have calendars and they have to make plans for speaking engagements.

Or sometimes even dealing with other writers. I'll be queried about writing, editing, publishing or something similar, and take the time to respond, but they don't have the common courtesy of saying, "thanks."

Before closing, let me say "thank you" for reading my rant.

Until the next time... 

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