Saturday, April 18, 2015

Back to the Manuscript -- Part Two

I apologize for not having a post in nearly two weeks, but I've been busy working on my manuscript. Have you missed me? Don't answer that!

I'm more than halfway through the manuscript; I hope to be completed with the editing by the end of the month, if not sooner. I hope sooner so I can begin on the third rewrite. As I've mentioned in previous writing posts, I generally go through nine or ten rewrites before submitting it to my publisher. And from there, it goes through another editing phase with an editor before it's ready to see daylight.

As previously noted, this manuscript is from last November's National Novel Writing Month. I continued writing into December because I could see this is developing into a serial. We'll see. And then I sat on it for four months so I could review it with fresh eyes.

Here are some things I discovered after going back to it on April 1:

  • A few typos 
  • Misspellings
  • Dropped words
  • Wrong words
  • Fix continuity/flow problems
  • More description needed in some places, less in others
  • Improve dialogue 
  • Naming/renaming characters
  • Additional research 
Want to know something else? When I go back for more editing and rewriting, I'll probably have most of the same list (I hope to have the misspellings corrected, but they could crop up in rewrite). 

So that's where I stand today in regards to the manuscript. Don't you feel relieved to know that? Don't answer that either!

Until the next time...

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