Sunday, February 7, 2016

Personal E-Book Promotion

I'm always looking for new ways to promote my novels.

I've used websites for promotions, reviews, and giveaways; traditional (and perhaps old-fashioned) approaches such as postcards and bookmarks; and other ways such as posting links and images to emails and other correspondence. (By the way, I still believe word of mouth is the best way to promote).

I'm going to try something new, at least for me. Through this post I will offer seven digital copies of my novels, since that's how many I've written since 1999.  I've already done a print giveaway on and 

If you're interested in reading one of my novels, all you have to do is reply to my email at with "Contest" in the subject line and the following information the body:

  1. I need your email so I can send the novel to you through as a gift. 
  2. I will let you pick the novel of your choice -- The Touch, A Long Highway, Foolish Is The Heart, A Confidential Man, Shooting Star, The Bully List, or Old Ways and New Days. You can go to my website or visit Amazon to read a synopsis of the novels. I would recommend going to my author page since all the books are listed there.
  3.  Your name, location and selection. When the contest is finished, I will update this post with the winners, e.g., John D., Yakima, Wash., Old Ways and New Days.  I won't use your last name or your email. Promise!
  4. So how will I decide the seven winners? That's easy. The first seven who respond will receive a novel of their choice.
  5. There are no catches or surprises to this contest. I would appreciate a rating and/or review, but it's not necessary. I know some folks don't like to write reviews. Maybe word of mouth?
I look forward to hearing from you. Good luck!

Until the next time....

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