Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Taking Control of Writing Life

I believe writers are often their own worst enemies when it comes to writing.

They complain about not having the time to write, that too many life events interfere with them being diligently involved in the craft. They have myriad excuses for not producing words, sentences, paragraphs, pages, and chapters. 

Some are simply those things that we chose, such as activities involving family and friends. I'm not saying thosse types of things are less important but they do take away from writiing. 

There are other interests, from favorite TV programs to movies to concerts to exhibits and everything in between. They take time as well from the writing life, probably more than a writer realizes. 

And then are events that demand our attention and time, such as catastophic  illnesses to our loved ones, caregiving to the bedridden and terminally ill. I would hope that most writers put aside their selfish interests in those cases. Also, as a silver lining,  a writer can better understand the human condition through observation, and at a deeper level, by being involved in the process.

But the main point is that writers, for the most part, control their own destiny in finding time to write. If they don't have the time, then it would be wise to cut back on those outside activities that cut into their time. 

If they're unwilling to do that, then maybe they should keep writing on the backburner until they make the needed life changes.

Writers, it's your decision. Take  control of your writing life.  

Until the next time....

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