I’ve written the 10 stories for my short-story collection. Now the real work begins. It’s time to get them ready for publication.
For some authors, this is a difficult and painful part. For others, the fun and games aspect of writing.

I have mixed feelings.

I love the creative part of writing stories, of making something out of words and my imagination. As mentioned in a previous blog, my writing process is to write the story -- just let if flow, warts and all -- and then go back and clean and polish the manuscript.

For my five novels, I did about 10 rewrites on each one. I generally do a rewrite, then sit on it for a week or so before going over it again…and again…and again…

While the story doesn’t necessarily change, some of the words do as well as the structure, dialogue, and characterization. And I check grammar, spelling, and all those rudimentary things that authors should do when they put on their editor’s hat.

I’ve already completed one edit of the stories. For me, it’s always an eye-opener to look at a manuscript after a brief layoff. Some parts read very well, and some not so well. And parts that looked fine on a fourth rewrite may make me cringe on a seventh read. That can be frustrating.

By the 10th rewrite, I must admit that I’m ready to send the manuscript on to publication. Enough is enough.