Sunday, June 3, 2012

Story Songs: Brandy

One of my favorite story songs of the 1970s was Looking Glass's "Brandy," about a woman who's in love with a sailor, but unfortunately for her, the sailor is more in love with the sea.

Elliott Lurie, who wrote the bittersweet song, was also the lead singer on the recording. The song reached No. 1 on the charts in 1972.

Brandy, who works as a barmaid, wears a locket inscribed with the name of the man she'll always love. While other sailors tell her what a "good wife you would be," Brandy's only interested in the one man she knows will never be her husband.

"Yeah Brandy used to watch his eyes when he told his sailor's story
She could feel the ocean fall and rise, she saw it's raging glory
But he had always told the truth, Lord he was an honest man
And Brandy does her best to understand"

But the sailor doesn't lead her on. He admits that she'd make a wonderful wife but his true love is the sea.

"Brandy, you're a fine girl
What a good wife you would be
But my life, my lover, my lady
Is the sea"

I always thought this song could be made into a movie. Lurie's lyrics are very touching and the emotions expressed so real. It certainly has all the elements except for a happy ending.



  1. I grew up hearing that song almost every single morning growing up, when my mom would tune the stereo to WHAS in the kitchen while my sister and I were getting ready for school. Loved this song but for the not so happily-ever-after ending. It always broke my heart. ;) Still love that song though.

  2. Taryn...It's certainly a song that stays in your head because of the story and melody. It's been one of my favorites for a long time.

  3. Great song:) it seems that you like so much the songs of 70s, and I think that 70s and 80s were a very lovely years of music in the world. Good moments really. Cheers:)

  4. Fouad...I agree that a lot of great music was produced in the 1970s and '80s. I love the '60s as well. Thanks for your comment.

    1. I'll write a story for the song if you help me get it published!!

    2. That sounds like fun. I've always wanted to write song lyrics. It's on my bucket list.